Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law

Research and student initiatives

Comparative and international insolvency law are rather young areas of law. However,  they are developing rapidly. Several master-students at different faculties of law of Dutch universities are doing research in this field, for example for purposes of their master-thesis. NACIIL aims to act as a forum to present and test their thoughts in front of practitioners and scholars. NACIIL may, for example, be able to present the appropriate forum for PhD or master-students that are looking for an opportunity to present and discuss a draft-chapter of their thesis. In such a case both the supervisor as well as the student or  PhD-researcher are requested to provide a suggestion for a programme (preferably 1 page A4) for the organisation of a meeting of a maximum of two hours. Please send your suggestions to

Like the Annual Congress of December  2011 the board of NACIIL aims to have interested students participate in the activities of NACIIL at no charge. In return the student may be asked to write a report of the congress, workshop or seminar, to be published on the website.